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Case Studies

A more in-depth look at commercial real estate topics and projects of Stone Creek Construction Group

Citrus Fruits

Giving Buildings New Opportunities: Adaptive Reuse

April 5, 2023

Reimagining spaces and finding ways to give buildings new opportunities and put them back to productive use - adaptive reuse - is critical for the health of our communities. SCCG loves bringing outdated properties up to modern uses. Learn more about giving buildings a new purpose and see some of our projects.

Citrus Fruits

Case Study: 1776 by David Burke featuring Topgolf Swing Suite

July 20, 2022

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Immersive pre-con work was a key component in converting a 12,000 square foot space in an office building into award winning destination 1776 by David Burke featuring Topgolf Swing Suite. A high-performance kitchen, beautiful bar and dining areas, and technology driven swing suites had to be carefully incorporated into the building in the heart of Morristown, NJ. Read more about how SCCG facilitated the transformation.


Pharma and Life Science in Real Estate: A Guide For Potential Investors

November 8, 2021

The life sciences industry is experiencing something of a real estate boom. Already prosperous before the pandemic, life science construction and development are surging. The need for administrative, R&D and manufacturing spaces is greater than ever before. Savvy real estate investors might be tempted to get in on the action.

It's important to realize that building pharma and biotech facilities and labs is much different than building spec spaces for retailers and small businesses.  There's a lot of nuance related to the design and construction of these facilities. To ensure efficient occupancy and good financial return, a keen understanding of the industry’s fundamentals and considerations is a requirement.

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