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9 Strategies to Decrease Commercial Construction Costs

December 18, 2023

Commercial construction is a process full of intricacies and numerous moving parts.  With so much happening at the same time keeping everyone in sync and ensuring the budget remains intact can prove challenging.  Through our years of experience we have developed this list of top ways to gain the most from your construction budget.  
Evaluate Materials and Products
Investigating a material that could be more economical but still provide the finish and appearance as outlined in the project design is a good use of time.  For example, can another product be substituted for high-priced marble, yet provide a similar aesthetic?  Take a good look at everything from fixtures to flooring.  Every item contributes to the budget and even small savings can quickly add up.
Reduce Complexities
During the planning and design process carefully review the plans to identify areas that may be unnecessarily complex.  Refining those areas can help save time, money, and frustration levels during the construction process. 
Think About The Future
Think about long-term cost savings, and the appropriateness of building systems.  Does each system truly meet the needs of the project?  Is it overbuilt? Insufficient?  Decisions made at this point have cost implications that extend beyond the construction phase.  Take a careful look at using materials and systems that reduce carbon footprint and also produce energy savings.

Utilize Technology 
Technology can improve efficiency and streamline tasks.  When used for mundane work, technology can also help save time and labor costs.  Project management software is the most common technology used in commercial construction management, providing a huge benefit with scheduling and projecting. 
Communicate Regularly

Frequent and regular communication keeps everyone on the same page and helps ensure timely decisions.  In combination with utilizing project management software, everyone will know what is coming, can ask the appropriate questions at the right time, and come to decisions quickly.  

Reuse Where Possible

If the project is adaptive reuse or renovation, save the planet and your project budget by trying to reuse construction materials.  Take the time at the beginning to assess the current space and what may be able to stay or be repurposed.   

Watch the Glass

Beautiful as it is, windows are expensive.  Also glass is delicate, so consider the placement whether for windows or used in other ways such as glass enclosed conference rooms or elevator cabs.  Is the glass in an area that is especially susceptible to crashes and cracks?  This material is expensive at the up-front, and may turn into a recurring replacement expense.

Check Out the Subcontractor Network

Subcontractors are an important part of commercial construction work.  Those that are unreliable or poor performers can wreck havoc on a project.  Prior to awarding a construction contract talk with the bidders to understand who they work with and for how long. Also ask them to explain their plan if a subcontractor cannot perform.   

Consider a Design-Build Approach

Using a single point of contact through the entire build can reap not only monetary benefits but also avoid duplication of efforts by the team.  Since fewer parties are involved, this usually means lower costs overall.  Plus with fewer parties there is less chance for miscommunications and associated delays.  

The best way to keep costs in line is to plan ahead and begin working closely with the construction manager as early as possible.  Frequent communication, considering alternative materials, and these other strategies can also help save money on commercial construction projects without comprising on quality of the building.  


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